Gagne-Bellavance Annual Reunion September 2015

The annual meeting was held in the region of Montmagny and Cap-Ste Ignace, the cradle of the surname Bellavance.

Gourmet tours and historic tours were held during the weekend.   Photos appear below.



Father John Gagnier, webmaster of this site with Jean-Yves Bellavance, webmaster of the French language site.

Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting; September 19, 2015                                           A View of the St. Lawrence River from the South bank.

Church at Cape Saint Ignace

Father Gagnier (right) celebrates Mass at St. Ignace, assisted by deacon.


Church of St. Thomas, Montmagny Quebec, built in 1953, replacing earlier 1922 church destroyed in a fire.

Two stone lions guard the Rectory of the church.

At left is Daniel Gagne, member of the board.

The pictures give a history of St. Thomas parish and its previous churches


At the local Museum: A photo of Jean-Francois Gagne, 1998

“He studied in the faculty of Music at Laval University and teaches at Messervier & Freres,

a local music dealer. He was chosen to represent the Laval University at the Montreal Drum Fest.

He received a scholarship from the Aime-Gagnon Foundation.”


At the museum: a 1920 potato-planting machine

CSI (Cape Ste Ignace) alpaca farm.

The Saturday night dinner was held at the Landry maple syrup establishment.                       Erable = Maple

    Father Gagnier at Landry Erabliere with “Bullwinkle”                                                                     Musicians at the Saturday night dinner.

Photo enroute home: Road Sign at Churubusco, New York on Route 11