Part II: Wildlife, Scenery and History


Chinstrap Penguins


Center: penguins mating  --  furry grey baby penguin at right


Scientific Station named for Admiral Wm. Brown, 1777-1857

“Father of the Argentine Navy,” and native of Foxford, Ireland.

This sign says “5,345 nautical miles from New York City.”

Almirante Brown station as seen from the ship.

Fram” as seen from Almirante Brown Station

Climbing up mountain at Brown Station, and sliding down!


The Fram and icebergs as seen from the mountain top


We were not allowed to touch the penquins, but they did come close to us.

Baby penquins being nursed by their mothers

A Gentoo Penguin. There are several species of penguins.


A rookery, or gathering of penguins


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