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Gagnier Family History
(A Brief History of My Family)

by Francis "Sparky" Gagnier of Plattsburg, New York

Sadly, Francis "Sparky" Gagnier passed on and will be missed by his family and many friends.
He researched the information contained in this page.
This page was hosted for many years by John LaCombe of Maryland (1956-2001), an amateur genealogist
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The spelling of the Gagnier name varies as follows: In France, Gasnier, sometimes Gaigne: In Canada the spelling is: Gasnier, Gagnier and Gagne. This information is taken from "Memoires de la Societe Genealogique". Almost all of the Canadians Gagniers are descended from two brothers. Pierre and Louis Gasnier. Louis, the younger from Ige (Orne)in Perche, came over to Canada about 1644. Pierre came about 1653.

Louis, born in 1612, at Ige and Pierre, born in 1610 at Ige, are thechildren of Louis Gasnier who married Marie Launay and was living at St.Cosme du Vair (Sarthe) in 1605 and at Ige in 1610. Christophe Gasnier and Francoise Vallee are listed as married on April 13, 1587. Louis is thought to be Christophe's son from a prior marriage.

Pierre married Marguerite Rouzee about the year 1639. They had six children. Louis, Pierre's younger brother married Marie Michel of St. Martin du Vieux-Belleme about 1638. It is believed they migrated to Canada in 1644. Louis, a farmer, leased land from Olivier Le Tardif of St. Charles at Beaupre. Louis died in 1661. His widow remarried 9/1/1666 a Paul de Rainville. Louis and Marie had nine children. They are as follows:

Note: The spelling is changed to "Gagne" in the Canadian records. Louis born Sept. 8, 1639 at Notre Dame de Vair. Fate unknown. Louise born Jan. 21, 1642 at Ign. She married Claude Bouchard May 25, 1654. Widowed she died April 27, 1721. She is buried at Baie Saint Paul, Quebec.

Marie, born Sept. 20, 1644 in Quebec. Buried at Sainte Anne, Nov. 19, 1717

Pierre, born March 27, 1647 in Quebec. He married Louise Favre on Oct. 28, 1668. In 1679 he received a grant of land from his cousin, Louis Gasnier, and in 1681 he is listed as owning 10 head of cattle with 14 acres under cultivation.

Olivier, born May 7, 1649 in Quebec. He was confirmed on Feb. 2, 1680 and married Isabelle Pepin on Nov. 8 1679 at Sainte Famille.

Louis, born July 7, 1651 in Quebec. Married to Marie Gagnon at Chateau Richer on Feb. 9, 1678. He owned in the signiorie of Beauport, 8 items of livestock and 15 acres under cultivation in 1681. Buried at Chateau Richer June 24, 1698.

Anne, born Oct. 27,1653 in Quebec. Married at Ste-Anne, Sept. 11, 1670 to Francois Lacroix, Buried at Ste. Anne, August 28, 1710.

Ignace, born March 12, 1656, in Quebec. Married #1, Barbe Dodier at Ste.-Anne Nov. 6, 1680 and #2 Louise Tremblay on Nov. 6, 1689 at L'Ange Gardien, Death date unknown.

Joachim, born 1660, in Quebec, Married at Beauport, Jan 12, 1682 to Louise Marcoux. Died and buried at Beauport Feb. 7, 1688.

Ignace, Seventh son of Louis Gagne & Marie MIchel, Married Barbe Dodier Nov. 5, 1680 who died in 1689. He then married Louise Tremblay on Nov. 6, 1689. They had seven children:

Ignace, born Oct. 28, 1690
Pierre, born Sept. 15, 1692
Louis Francois, born June 15, 1694
Francoise, born Jan. 22, 1696
Francois Xavier, born Feb. 24, 1698
Barbe, born Nov. 16, 1699
Raphael, born Dec. 13, 1701

Ignace, (eldest of Louise and Ignace) Married Angelique Dufour in 1718. Ignace died on April 14, 1759. Angelique died August 20, 1768. They had five children:

Gabriel, born July 27, 1719
Ignace, born ?,?, 1721
Marie Louise (no birth date listed)
Louis, born ?,?, 1728
Jacques, born May 1, 1730

Jacques, married Marie Simard on Nov. 26 1750. They had six children. Marie died on Dec. 8 1759. Jacques remarried Rosalie Delavoue on July 1, 1761. There are two children listed for Jacques and Rosalie.

Joseph Marie born May 12, 1762
Jacques Fabian born July 2, 1764

Jacques Fabian, married Elizabeth Gagnon Nov. 24, 1795 at the Eboulements (La Baie St. Paul). They resided there for a few years then settled in Northern New York (the Chateaugay & Churubusco area) about 1820. They had four children:

Jacques Fabian, Lucien, Joseph, and Elizabeth.


Memoires de la Societe Genealogique
Ancestral Biographies (by don't know who)
Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadienne,
Vol. 4 (Pgs. 118-135) by L'Abbe Cyprian Tanguay

Note -- Can find no record of the spelling change from Gagne to Gagnier. It might have been in the late 1700's

Jacques Fabien Gagnier, the son of Jacques Fabian & Elizabeth Gagnier wasBaptized at Les Eboulements in Quebec somewhere near Le Baie St. Paul. The Baptism is recored on Dec. 16 1798. He had two brothers and one sister, Lucian, Joseph, and Elizabeth. The Jacques Sr. family settled in the St. Jean and Iberville area in Quebec around 1820. Fabian married Victoire Oligny on August 29, 1826 at Northern Creek, Que. He died in Churubusco, N.Y. and is buried in Ellenburg Center, N.Y. They had ten Children:

Isaac, born Mar. 19, 1825 at Northern Creek, Que.
Sazarie, born 1827 at Northern Creek, Que
Julius, born 1831 at Northern Creek, Que
Albert, born March 22, 1833 at St. Remi, Que.
Jane, born 1835 at St. Remi, Que.
Theophil (Christopher), born 2/12/1836 at St. Remi Que.
Suphronie, born March 4, 1840 at Chateaugay, N.Y.
Adolph, born 1842 at Chateaugay, N.Y.
Philomen, born 1844 at Chateaugay, N.Y.
Two of the children died very young and their names were not available.

Albert, Fabian's fifth child was born March 25, 1833 in St. Remi, Que. He married Clorinthe Forand on January 20, 1856 in Chateaugay, N.Y. He was considered one of the prominent respected farmers in the area. They had fourteen children all born in Churubusco, N.Y. Albert died March 3, 1908 and is buried in the family plot in Churubusco, N.Y. The children are:

Byanca Mary, born September 23, 1856
Delia, born July 11, 1858
Nina Emma, born November 12, 1860
Albert born November 24, 1862
Joseph, born December 23, 1864
Samuel J., born January 3, 1867
Christopher Israel, born October 17, 1868
Martha M., born February 3, 1871
Mary Jane, born January 23, 1873
Clara C., born September 20, 1875
George Edgar, born October 20, 1877 --- died 4/10/1878
Edgar George Stanislaus, born July 21, 1879
Edmund, born November 6, 1881
James W., born May 15, 1884

Joseph, Albert's was born Dec. 23, 1864, Married Eveline Rufiange on October 6, 1884 and was one of the more successful farmers of the area. They had seven children:

John Albert born October 21, 1885
Stella Mary, born April 6, 1889
M.E. Frances, born March 31, 1891
Lawrence Austin, born August 12, 1894
M.A. Lillian, born March 21, 1896
M.E. Beatrice, born Juns 13, 1899
M.G. Irene, born January 1, 1903