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Illustrated History of the Family

There is a series of seven sections in the Illustrated History.
Please be patient for the download of images as noted in each section.
Be sure to visit them all! Thank you!

The seven sections are as follows:

1.) Origins of the Family in France (3 images)
2.) Settlement in New France (5 images)
3.) Ancestral Documents & Signatures (3 images)
4.) Family Heraldry: Ancient & Modern (2 images)
5.) Family Commemorative Plaques in France & Quebec (6 images)
6.) The Family Association: Then & Now
(How to get your Gagne ancestry traced!)
and A Note from the Webmaster (3 images)
7.) Your place in the Family ( no images)
( How to chart relationship to other family members: defines "cousins" & "removed")

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Section One: Origins of the Family in France


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