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Below these paragraphs are icons that will link you to a membership form for the Gagne-Bellavance Family Association, in either English or French.
They are NOT on-line forms.

You must make a paper copy of this form (two sheets) on your printer and mail it in to the address indicated.
If you live in the United States, check with the U.S. Post Office for current mailing rates to Canada.

The Journal of the Association is mailed to all members three times a year.
The Journal is mostly in French. There are occasional articles in English.
All articles in French are summarized in English at the end of each issue.
Any member is welcome to contribute an article on the family history in either or both languages.

The membership fees are stated on the form in Canadian dollars.
Check with your local bank for current American dollar exchange rate.
Any excess will be welcomed as a contribution to the Association.

Each member is mailed a family tree that links the member with the ancestors.
This family tree costs twenty dollars in addition to membership dues.

If you live in the United States:
Please pay the fee for the family tree with 20 American dollars as there is a fee to cash your check in Canada.
It is necessary to supply the names of your parents and grandparents on this form and farther back if you can.
Use the back of the form for further information, if necessary.
You should trace your ancestry back to the ancestor who left Canada for the USA.

Click here for a  printable membership form in English.

Click here for a printable membership form in French. (formulaire Francais).



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Gagnier (Gagne) History Web Site
by Rev. John F. Gagnier

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