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North County New York State Gagnier Web Site                      As shown by the sign at right, there is a large contingent of the Gagnier family in Northern New York State.
   This links to a web page developed by the late Francis "Sparky" Gagnier of Plattsburgh, New York. It has a genealogy of the family members who came south from Quebec in the early 19th Century.
















  Un lien Français ici! A link to the Official French language web site of:   L'Association des Familles Gagne-Bellavance d'Amerique.
Jean-Yves Bellavance, shown above, operates this site on behalf of the Association. This 2009 photo shows Jean-Yves, our genealogist, in period costume, sitting at a laptop computer!  His site has history, genealogy, pictures of the 1953 and 1994 reunions, and of the current officers.

Acadian Genealogy Link   Link to French Acadian Genealogy

A genealogy link A general genealogy link

An Article about Genealogy: History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy


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Gagnier (Gagne) History Web Site
by Rev. John F. Gagnier

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